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Join us for a special feature length premiere at the Campbell River Festival of Film on Tuesday, October 4 at the Tidemark Theatre.

From fishing boats to ferries, a diverse group of mariners share their tales of lives on the water off northern Vancouver Island.

Filmed in the Campbell River region, on northern Vancouver Island in the Spring of 2022, on the traditional territories of the We Wai Kai, Wei Wai Kum and Kwiakah First Nations.

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Behind the Scenes Footage

Meet the Crew of Where the Wind Meets the Tide

Suzanne Jolly
Director & Producer

Suzanne Jolly crafts stories as a means of exploring the world and creating connection. With a graduate degree in Education and a Bachelors in Communications, she has spent the last two decades as a professional writer, instructor, multimedia strategist, and administrator in higher education. She has a love of people and their fantastic tales, as well as dogs and their wagging tails. If you find her not chatting with someone or teaching yoga, you’ll likely not be able to find her at all: she’s often riding on her adventure motorbike in the backcountry or paddling with her husband in their ocean kayaks. She loves being on the ocean and is the stepdaughter of a tugboat captain. She lives in Campbell River, BC where she met many who work on the water, as she previously ran marine safety training at North Island College.

Jeff Baxter
Executive Producer

Jeff Baxter has a background in instructional design, injury prevention, and teaching. He has experience working in education in both Canada and Sweden. During his time in the forestry industry, he was delighted to spend time clinging to boom boats and tugs around the coast. He is currently an instructional designer with the University of Victoria. Jeff enjoys various creative pursuits, including photography and writing. He finds much of his inspiration when active in the outdoors, particularly in coastal environments as an avid surfer. His connection to the ocean and his love of documentaries drew him to this project.  Jeff lives in Metchosin, BC.

Stan Novotny
Director of Photography

Stan Novotny has been an active photographer since 2003 and has current videography projects in the tourism industry. After hosting wildlife photography workshops, he found an interest in movement and began delving into videography. He found himself inspired seeing a living, moving, and breathing animal walking through the water foraging as opposed to seeing it in just a still image. Stan enjoys all aspects of photography and videography, but more recently has been inspired capturing aerial footage with the use of his drone. Stan is also a Captain and Marine Naturalist for an ecotourism company in Campbell River, BC, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

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Filming Locations

  • Foggdukkers Coffee
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • BC Ferries (Campbell River to Quathiaski Cove)
  • King Pacific Lodge (dry dock) & while in operations in Milbanke Sound (near Bella Bella, BC)
  • Quadra Island Harbour Authority
  • Blind Channel Resort
  • Campbell River Estuary
  • Black Creek